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Obesity can have its benefits — if you want to be the Prima Ballerina in the Fat Ballet Company of New York City. And, to her everlasting happiness, Olga qualifies.

In the comments, msruth mentioned Russia’s “Big Ballet” and on her advice, I went to go take a look and read all about them. The Big Ballet is a troupe of

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Feb 27, 2013 · It’s about fit vs. unfit, not fat vs. thin, and a dancer of any weight who moves with integrity, Eating Disorders Ballet Dancers Dance Lauren Warnecke.

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Big Ballet star Hannah has the last laugh at bullies who said she was too fat to dance Hannah Baines took part in ballet competitions around her native Yorkshire and

This ballet workout blasts calories and fat and gives you a long, lean dancer’s body.

Hannah Baines, 18, from Doncaster was bullied for being overweight but is now starring in Channel 4 show Big Ballet.

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